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To: Fons Adriaensen <fons@...>
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Date: Sunday, August 19, 2007 - 11:32 am

Fons Adriaensen wrote:

re: Twisted:


That's exactly what Joni Mitchell did with the song. The best versions
remain the original instrumental and Annie Ross's amazing version with
Lambert, Hendricks, & Ross. Corin originally liked Mitchell's version,
but she started to enjoy the LH&R version much more.

The tempo on this recording is ~170. She tried it at 180, it was fun but
a little too fast. She nailed it though.

>The 'two heads' at the end could make a nice stereo effect, but

Maybe if she were centered in the stereo field, then "split" at the end ?

She loved the effect. She's new to this sort of thing... ;)

re: Don't Know Why

>And a nice voice. How did you record it (mic type, distance, ...) ?

Mic's a Shure SM58. Corin has a strong voice, so I have her stand about
six to ten inches away from the mic when she records.

The mic goes into an M-Audio preamp, then into the Delta 66 interface to
the computer (and on into Ardour2).

>BTW, did you receive the two jconv reverbs (sent a week or two

Yes, thank you very much. Alas, I've had no time to play with them.
However, I do plan a review of convolution reverbs for Linux, so I will
be testing those 'verbs soon.

As always, thanks for listening, Fons. I appreciate all comments, and
I'll be sure to pass compliments on to Corin.



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