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To: linux-audio-user <linux-audio-user@...>
Date: Wednesday, August 15, 2007 - 5:18 am

Joshua D. Boyd wrote:

Mine's a Toshiba Satellite model bought back near the end of 2004 for $600.

>> I'm not planning to do any such heavy-duty work on the laptop. By the

855GM according to KInfoCenter's PCI report.

> There is a wide

So far.

> I just bought a stack of Radeon 7200s for $5

I got these free. I don't do games on any of my computers, so more
powerful display cards don't really do anything for me.

> Also, to quote from another email you sent:

My laptop has 768meg in it; /proc/meminfo reports MemTotal 742976kB.
Looking in kern.log, the kernel reports 32636 stolen memory. Sorry, was
wrong about the amount being stolen on the laptop.

authenticity, honesty, community

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