[LAU] Release announcement, Musix GNU+Linux 1.0 R1 Stable

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To: A list for linux audio users <linux-audio-user@...>
Date: Thursday, May 31, 2007 - 11:15 pm

Thanks to the support of the Ututo Proyect, FSF, Ourproject, and to the usual
collaborators, the Musix project has just released Musix GNU+Linux 1.0 R1
Stable, a new version of the 100% Free Software Multimedia Operating System
for artists and general users.


After 2 years of hard work, the Musix project team is proud to announce the
release of the first stable version of Musix.

Musix is a 100% Free Multimedia Operating System derived from Knoppix and
Debian/Stable, designed for artists as well as general users. Musix is
specialized in audio and music production, but it also includes high quality
software for graphics, video edition and many other tasks.

This new release includes the Linux Kernel 2.6.21. The documentation was
updated and many important applications were upgraded (among those: Ardour, Rosegarden 1.5.1 and the Musix's Control Panel). Some new programs
were also installed (MScore, Nekobee and more). Many bugs were corrected and
some new functionality added.

The start-up system has been improved, (the "knoppix" boot argument and other
options were added).

The graphical artwork in the user interface and the functionality were
improved: now it is really easy to change colour themes. KDE and GNOME
applications look almost identical using the same colour palette and icon
theme (crystalsvg). Now applications like The GIMP (GTK2) and Rosegarden
(KDE) appear user-friendlier.

Software featured in Musix 1.0 R1 includes: Ardour 0.99.3 & Ardour
(audio sequencer), Rosegarden 1.5.1 (audio/midi sequencer), Cinelerra (video
edition), Bluefish (web design), The GIMP (image manipulation), Inkscape
(vectorial graphic design), Blender3D (3D rendering and animation), Musix
Control and more.

# Marcos Guglielmetti
# Musix GNU+Linux, 100% Software Libre
_#_ http://www.musix.org.ar/en
/ O \ + archivos: ftp://musix.ourproject.org/pub/musix
( === ) EcologĂ­a: http://autosus.wordpress.com
`---' Personal: http://marcospcmusica.wordpress.com

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