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Date: Sunday, April 1, 2007 - 3:03 pm


2007/4/1, Dragan Noveski :

Well, this is a bug. And it is not a bug. :-)

It is not a bug, only some nitpicking compiler complaining (its a
warning after all) about a non-virtual destructor which wouldn't get
called. But sinced it is an empty destructor this isn't a bug.
It is a bug, because I did not disable all the debugging code (-Wall
-Werror) before releasing the thing. Maybe I will do a 0.3.1 in a few
days that fixes these little things.

> than running:

Why do you need extraincludes and libdir? for qt you should use qtlibs
and qtincludes. Everything else is (should be?) handled by pkg-config.

Please try again with just calling "scons configure && scons".

> but running scons i still get this error:

No, because aclocal is from autoconf (ac = autoconf) and I am not
using auto* anymore. So while other apps might probably be broken now
(don't drink and su!), JackMix should build just fine :-)

Wenn man mit Raubkopien Bands wie Brosis oder Britney Spears wirklich
verhindern könnte, würde ich mir noch heute einen Stapel Brenner und
einen Sack Rohlinge kaufen.

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