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Date: Friday, March 30, 2007 - 10:45 pm

On Thu, 2007-03-29 at 00:48 -0300, Marcos Guglielmetti wrote:

[as has been noted in this thread already these arguments date back
a long time and have appeared whenever something completely different[*]
appears in scene - I'm not saying anything here is "completely new"
but you get the point, still, I'll bite and add something :-]

[*] oh well, or even "slightly different"

> On Thu, 2007-03-29 at 00:48 -0300, Marcos Guglielmetti wrote:


You seem to think artists are actually delegating creativity to machines.
How so? Could you give some examples? Perhaps there are composers out
there that rely on the "creativity of machines", but I presume there are
actually not that many. At least in my music I don't rely on something
that I think does not exist :-) I do use (sometimes) algorithms to generate
statistical stuff where merely aggregating notes by hand would not make sense
and stuff like that. Hardly delegating "creativity".

Algorithms and computers (well used) can be triggers of creativity
if you are listening to what you try to do and spot "mistakes" that may
point to stuff you would never have tried on your own.

Other composers that were at LAC2007 may want to comment on this as well.
[just fanning the flames here :-]

Obviously all the email threads we can write boil down to an ultimate
"show me the music", echoing the lkml (Linux Kernel Mailing List) "show
me the code" motto. And as you say, time will tell. Some of the so called
music (ha ha ha) will die, some will be remembered either through genius
or accident, and maybe _not_ what we would choose today to be
remembered :-) We just do our art as well as we can and that should
(but never is) enough.

> > Nótese que el cronista habla de "es un mundo algo inhóspito", sin melodías, ni

Ha, it actually could be if your ears are open. And sorry to say, I'm
not even close to being revolutionary :-)

You should listen to Francisco Kropfl's "Metropolis" (if I remember the
name and other particulars right). It is exactly that, a 40 minute long
city soundscape of, guess what, Buenos Aires. Maybe you have listened to
it already and it did not touch you. In my case it riveted me to my seat
for the duration, most of the time with a smile in my face. My memory of it
is that of a powerful and emotionally evocative trip, tugging at my insides
all the time. Superbly crafted as well. Obviously the emotional impact
to someone not from Buenos Aires would be less... To me that piece was/is

Art like that is not merely a duplication of the noise. It is a directed
reinterpretation. With a purpose and large scale forms. Of course it
_could_ be bad and just a thoughtless recording of reality, but bad art
happens all the time without the help of machines as well.

-- Fernando

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