[linux-audio-user] correction LAC-Konzertreport auf SWR2 26.3.: was: LAC-Konzertreport auf SWR2 15.5. 23h (German only)

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Date: Monday, March 26, 2007 - 8:44 am

Sorry for the wrong header, it is of course today on 26.03. (I used last
years email ..)

Hi everybody,
my report (in German) on this year's LAC will be broadcasted on SWR2
(German National Radio) today at 23h (MET) in JetztMusik-Magazin. The
report focusses on the Wavefield-Synthesis and Recursive Dog Collective.
There is also a live stream available at www.swr2.de
Thanks to the organizers for all their efforts to make this great event

Michael Iber

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