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To: A list for linux audio users <linux-audio-user@...>
Date: Monday, March 19, 2007 - 9:36 am

Replaying here, but I will cover all the answers/questions...

Nigel, Atte and Henry, thanks for listening and your comments!

2007/3/19, Ken Restivo :

If I remember correctly the strings are from my Roland JV-880 or the
pianists E-Piano...

And yes, thats a real violin! She is a very gifted artist and plays
several instruments (Bass, Violin, rythm things, piano and guitar
(though not on that album))...

> The bongos seem fine to me, but I agree that they'd sound better in stereo or center panned instead of hard left.

I don't think the bongos are out of place, maybe I need to adjust the
alignment. And they shouldn't be left-panned. They are rather center
in the mix but on export something went wrong with that track :-( I
didn't want to fix that for a beta-version of the song. The final
download will be panned correctly.
Maybe the out-of-place feeling comes from the shaker. Which is in fact
two shakers by two different people panned almost left-right...

> But, why the hip-hop/techno TR-808 drumsound? Especialy that rap/hiphop cowbell seems really out of place to me.

Well, we want to song to be on the net before the drum-sessions, so we
decided for some electronic beats with hydrogen.
But I will try to play around with some jazzy sounds shortly. Thanks
for the idea.

The lyrics will be published together with the official announcement
of the song.
Btw, Nigel, why are there German parts in there? Okay, it might be a
German English, the writer didn't check the text with some American
friends here but we didn't record any German word. (At least it
doesn't get into any mix, except for the take-outs-of-the-cd :-)

Have a nice week,

Wenn man mit Raubkopien Bands wie Brosis oder Britney Spears wirklich
verhindern könnte, würde ich mir noch heute einen Stapel Brenner und
einen Sack Rohlinge kaufen.

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