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Date: Wednesday, March 14, 2007 - 5:04 pm

>> Are you aware of the Shannon Nyquist Sampling Theorem:

Erik and Bill -- actually, there is some reason to consider upsampling,
but only before further processing (usually filtering) is done. The
argument has to do with shifting noise artifacts generated during
processing out of the audible band. Andy Moorer wrote a paper on it
about 10 years ago; don't have the citation handy, but Google his
collected papers, or look at the AES (www.aes.org) publications (not
free ). :(

That said, it's probably one of those (many) things that don't really
mean much unless you're in a carefully controlled listening environment,
etc. And it'll be lipstick on a pig if you have other problems in the

Upsampling does not require a "convoluted" algorithm, either -- unless
you're talking about polynomial interpolation of higher order or
something, Bill. Probably not worth the clock cycles.

Phil M

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