[linux-audio-user] Re: ANN: JOST, a simple host for native VST

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Date: Monday, February 26, 2007 - 6:53 pm

All the arguments against this thing? OK.

Yes, most all projects can use more people (whether their maintainers think so
or not), but this should not be an argument against JOST.

Jack-fst is a bridge for windows VSTs. Works for many of them. Problem with
individual jack-clients is that this approach can bog down older systems like
my old clunker. I cannot begin to use things like Jamin.

Doing this in JUCE is great and evolving into a Tracktion-like app would be
fantastic. However, I think that being able to tap in to the wealth of
windows VSTs may be more useful than hoping for more Linux ones (and why not
use both?).

I say, keep up the good work, on the greater and greater things!

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