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Date: Thursday, February 22, 2007 - 10:25 pm

Rick Wright wrote:

Hmmm, wouldn't there actually be TWO channels for audio - stereo?

>> This is way outside the reproduction range of any photo

That's right. But the more information you start with, the smarter the
reduction can be - particularly in areas where the 48-bit color value is
outside the 24-bit dynamic range. In photography, this means the
highlight and shadow areas. In the audio world, would mean this more
accurate renditions in the lowest and highest volume sounds? I don't know.

Depth reduction in color photography doesn't have to be a mindless
simple mathematical calculation, good software like Photoshop
(Windows/Mac) Bibble (Windows/Linux), Raw Therapee (Windows/Linux),
DCRaw (Linux) can do things more intelligently because they have more
information available to them when working with 48-bit color.

I think you can go even higher than 48-bit color in the professional
color world - I think high-end drum scanners scan at 64-bit color.

>> So I would think that working in higher bit-depths for audio would

Yes, experts? I'm no audio engineer!

authenticity, honesty, community

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