Re: [LAU] from cassette/LP to cd (which prog?)

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To: s s <studio32@...>
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Date: Tuesday, December 18, 2007 - 7:36 am

s s writes:

> I want to record some cassettes and LP's to cd. Which program is the

I do this quite a bit...

I use ecasound to capture the entire LP to a single WAV file, then
Audacity or mhWaveEdit to edit out any really nasty clicks, normalise,
top-and-tail and split into tracks. I capture 24-bit samples and use a
fairly low input level, so I've got plenty of headroom. I haven't yet
found a denoise filter I like the sound of, but unless you're
capturing a *really* grotty LP the surface noise is generally
unobjectionable anyway.

Adam Sampson
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