[LAU] Best NON-RT kernel settings

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Date: Saturday, December 1, 2007 - 1:52 am

If I use a non-rt 64bit kernel I can start, say, konsole in
1 second, if I boot into a 32bit version of the same distro
on the same hardware starting konsole takes 2-3 seconds, if
I run my self made rt kernel ( to
it takes up to 10 seconds to start konsole. My whole desktop
experience feels sluggish under an rt kernel and Blender
takes about 50% longer to render the same image.

I absolutely need Jack for interconnection but I don't really
need 1ms, or even less than 20ms, latency for heavy duty
multitrack recording and I don't have the hardware to do
so anyway.

My question is; would anyone have any suggestions how to get
the best Jack-savvy audio settings out of recent 2.6.23 to
2.6.24rc kernels without using the rt patchset ?

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