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Date: Tuesday, October 30, 2007 - 4:03 pm

an SM57 can be really great on vocals, they're cheap - use a pop screen

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Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2007 10:00 AM
Subject: Re: [LAU] Good mic for voice?

2007/10/30, porl sheean :
a good cheap mic? i can recommend the ones i have (i got them as =
part of a drum set but i've used them for lots of other stuff) is the =
samson c01. they worked brilliantly for the vocals of the last track i =
did, as the singers voice seemed to sit with it better than my valve mic =
(rode). i'm sure those other mics you mentioned are great as well, but i =
haven't used them. i think i have heard good things about the b1 though, =
can't remember :)=20

as for the focusrite, if the pres are different to the ones in the =
higher end gear (most probable) then i can't really speak for them. if =
you get the vx2496 then be aware that it is not a sound card, and you =
will need an aes/ebu compatible interface to use it. the only behringer =
interfaces that work directly to the pc are the bcontrol audio (control =
surface and audio interface in one. not sure if it is still available), =
the u-control (a usb device) and the f-control (firewire). both the u- =
and f-controls have no mic pres (i think, check for yourself though) so =
you would still need a pre between them and the mic.=20

if you want to do it on the cheap, then pretty much any usb =
interface should do (check first though), as most of them seem to use a =
standard usb-audio format. a while back i was looking for some for the =
school and i think tascam did something reasonable. it was a while back =

actually, i remember the small presonus (firebox i think) interfaces =
were supposed to be good value too.

hope i haven't confused you more! :)



as a sound card I have a delta 44 but I assume that ultravoice has a =
analog out... have to check it out

thanks for the info!

On 30/10/2007, Jorge Salgueiro wrote:=20

2007/10/30, porl sheean :
sorry to reply to my own post, but i was just going to say you =
are probably better off in the long run if you can't afford to get the =
focusrite as well as the better mics to get the focusrite and the =
cheaper mics. that way when you decide it's worth upgrading the mic you =
will have a spare (still quite usable) mic for when the more expensive =
one doesn't 'sit right' in the mix.=20


so a cheat good mic is a M-audio Nova or a Behringer B-1? Or you =
are speaking of something better?

On 30/10/2007, porl sheean <> wrote:
don't get the behringer tube products. they aren't worth it. =
the solid state stuff is fine, but their tube stuff is terrible (i had a =
tube preamp of theirs for a while, can't remember the model but it was =
one of the rack mount ones). the tube is more for show than anything - =
they still use solid state through most of the circuit anyway. the tubes =
are also starved of power from memory and distort very nastily, i think =
anyway - for all i know it was the opamps distorting anyway - it didn't =
sound at all like 'tube distortion'.=20

thanks for the tip. Didn't knew that. =20

if you can afford the extra cost of the focusrite then don't =
even hesitate to choose the cheaper behringer over it. don't get me =
wrong, i actually like behringer overall, but they are no match for the =
focusrite pres. i have a behringer ada8000 connected to an RME9636 =
hammerfall, and i just got a focusrite pro26io. the focusrite pres were =
a league above the behringers. the ada8000 is still more than adequate =
though, and i'll still use it, but the focusrite is worth the =


the focusrite i'am speak about is the fakmaster and I read that =
the compression isn't the best... but costs 250=80 :-D

the cheap option is the ultravoice vx2496.=20

thankx and sorry to enter in the post with my own questions like =
an elephant. :D

On 29/10/2007, Jorge Salgueiro <> =

2007/10/29, Atte Andr=E9 Jensen :=20
Rick Green wrote:

> You might look into some of the new products that =
combine a good quality
> studio vocal mic, mic preamp, and a/d interface all in =
one product.
> Consult your favorite search engine for 'USB =
Microphone'. Samson, Rode,=20
> and Blue are three manufacturers that showed up for me.
> ...of course, then the search begins for working =
Linux drivers...

I have the SE 2200A usb mic. Sound great and works =
flawless with linux
(<7ms latency with jack). The really nice thing is that is =
has a
regulart XLR output, so you can get a good preamp later =
for even better

peace, love & harmony
Atte | |
Linux-audio-user mailing list

right now I'm looking also for a good recording (not stage =
mic) and my conclusions so far are:

M-audio Luna with Focusrite trakmaster

or behringer B2pro=20

low budget=20

M-audio Nova or Behringer B1


Behringer ultravoice vx 2496

or some of the behringer tube products...=20

What do you guys think?


Um abra=E7o, Jorge Salgueiro
Use GNU/Linux: free culture for a free society=20

Linux-audio-user mailing list

Linux-audio-user mailing list


Um abra=E7o, Jorge Salgueiro
Use GNU/Linux: free culture for a free society=20

Linux-audio-user mailing list


Um abra=E7o, Jorge Salgueiro
Use GNU/Linux: free culture for a free society=20


Linux-audio-user mailing list

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