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To: Marc-Olivier Barre <mobarre@...>
Cc: <linux-audio-user@...>
Date: Saturday, October 20, 2007 - 10:13 am

Marc-Olivier Barre wrote:

> Another question I'd like to raise: is there a list where audio devs

Doing this on a pan-distro level could be novel, however my experience
of being involved with the debian-multimedia list for some time suggests
to me that the state of play with graphical media is more disparate than
audio. Some things, like X are so much part of the core of any system
that developers are unlikely to have time or interest for outreach or
specific-interest groups. 3D Graphics present a different and sometimes
incompatible (with audio) set of problems, which leaves video out on its
own, albeit that it shares a need for real-time efficiency with audio.

One of the other problems here is that developer issues are not always
congruent with user issues. This is one of the biggest failings of
open-source development IMO and, at present, it only seems possible to
deal with this on a distribution level. Even then, there is an
assumption that any useful application will naturally attract developers
and maintainers. While this is pragmatic for developers themselves, it
means that certain areas remain under-developed. I'm thinking of things
like MIDI support; sampler format compatibility; the lack of
standardised graphical configuration tools and indeed video/audio
synchronisation. And let's not even start on the either/or nature of 3D
graphics and real-time audio! :|

This isn't an argument against the idea at all, but I barely have time
to keep up with LAU as it is, so I won't be joining any new lists
despite my interest in the issues.

Sorry to be expressing so many reservations.



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