[linux-audio-user] Anyone have any opinion on CMS?

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Date: Tuesday, January 30, 2007 - 4:45 am


I didn't want to post here until I actually had something to show off a
bit but basically the story goes like this...
I had some webspace I wasn't using so I registered www.linux-studio.org
(nothing meaningful there at the moment) with the idea of setting up
a... (save the rotten vegetables for a minute!)...

... forum. Specifically I want to put up a sort of blog on the front
page with easy access to forums from there. Since combining a blog
software with a forum can be tricky to get up as well as admin I thought
I would look at an integrated solution in the form of one or another CMS
(Content Management System) that can provide both in a small, efficient

So if anyone out there has experience with CMS and can either recommend
or recommend against any particular package that would be well suited
for such a task I would be very happy to hear your opinions! There are
a ton of them out there and it is quite time consuming to try them all
and compare. I've been using the excellent resources at
http://www.opensourcecms.com to try some of them out... it lets you try
any one you like without installing it on your server first. I'm
currently leaning a bit towards Geeklog and Jupiter CMS and an IT guy I
asked recommended e107 but lots more testing to do before I know which
is the right one for sure.

Furthermore I know I'm not the only one on this list that has
entertained the idea of a linux forum dealing with audio software. If
any of you read this and might be interested in putting in a hand to try
and build such a monster please feel free to email me directly if you like.

Thanks for all the fish,

Jon Hoskins

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