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Date: Tuesday, January 16, 2007 - 7:30 am


Sorry for crossposting, which is intentional. See below ;)

I personally think that this multiplication of LA lists is not a good thing.
The idea, proposed by Ivica, which politely suggests the migration of all
those lists to an unique one seems very good to me.

I would even suggest the usage of a forum (à la php-forum) for information
sharing. Those forums would allow multiple topics (LAD, LAA, LAU, Ardour,
Rosegarden, MuSE, Jack, ... ) and in the same time facilitate the research,
the tracking of topics and the most important thing, would allow the linux
newcomers to see all the work done in those lists.

I hope that I'm not irritating anyone by suggesting the above, but we are all
conscious of the fact that linux audio is still a niche "market" so having an
unique point of access to the posts would really be awesome.


Predrag Viceic

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