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To: Mark Knecht <markknecht@...>
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Date: Tuesday, January 16, 2007 - 3:08 am

I'm replying to both of you Paul and Mark in one email. It's just easier that
way and clearer. Thank you for both of your responses. Now, on to my
clarifications and questions. I apologise for the confused questions, but
i'm well confused. My aim is to use my computer as the front-end and and have
it do all of the DSP for maximum flexibility. I want as few components as
possible between the computer and amps, unless i *have* to use a pre-amp for
extra gain. More clarifications are below.

>On 1/15/07, Paul Davis wrote:

Actually, i used to have an RME Hammerfall 9636 it worked very nicely, except
that there are no mixers in it. In fact it was Paul that helped me with the
Alsa config files to keep it going. Thanks Paul! In the years since i've
forgotten all about it. It might be just what i need. Currently, i am using
nvidia on-board sound and i can hear the fans of the PC in my speakers along
with a little buzzing. Horrid :) Granted this is with my ear near the cone,
but any noise adds coloration. I'm looking at purchasing a pair of Gallo
Reference 3.1 and a set or Red Dragon Class D monoblocks all of which are
which are *very* revealing and this noise must go.


>As others have said I would stay away from the FreeBob solutions at

I'm a little confused as to what connection i would use with the hdsp 3696 and
the Benchmark DAC1 to get 24/192 in at least 4 channels.

Yes, thank you. I'm looking for 4 channels actually as i don't like center
channels (left, right, rear right, rear left). 8 channels is fine actually
as i can use the other channels for something. I may use it as as DAW
sometimes or multi-zoning,

Hsdpmixer sounds just like what i have been looking for, but i looked around
for details on it and could find nothing. Is this an app to interface with
the internal mixer of the card or is it the name for the mixer on the card

I've read in the audiophile press that usb/firewire is more desirable then
spdif because usb/firewire has lower levels of jitter. Of course if the
difference is truly inaudible i don't care.

The less components and cables between the computer and the amps the better
(generally unless you need extra gain provided by a pre-amp). If i were to
use an RME Hammerfall DSP 9632 and go straight into an amplifier (monoblocks)
I would still get all the computer noise as i would be doing D/A inside the
box, right? Of course i could get a fanless video card, power supply and
chipset, but then the case fans might still add noise, not to mention the
electronics itself. Of course this won't work if the gain on the RME is not
high enough (i'd be using the balanced outs). However, i assume i'll get the
Buzz of Doom if my computer powers down and the amps are on.

So if need to send it out to a breakout box. Would this be better done through
adat or spdif? I'm looking for at least 4 channels of 24/192 being delivered
to 4 monoblocks and i thought that neither could do that. If i got 2
Benchmark DAC1s they would not necessarily be in synch right?

I've always liked the RME cards and i just read somewhere that Paul is
actually a RME dealer. I'd be looking to buy a card sometime this summer.
I'll contact you then.

>Hope this helps,

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