[linux-audio-user] Why doesn't udev start my Midisport at boot time?

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Date: Wednesday, August 2, 2006 - 8:18 am

I'm using a Midisport 2x2 with my Gentoo Linux x86 box.
After booting (2.6.16 kernel, with or without realtime
patch) my Midisport isn't recognized. However, after
disconnecting and reconnecting it, it works fine - the
firmware gets loaded, and I can start Jack and pass MIDI
data through it. (I already got hold of the firmware file,
set up the udev rule and all that jazz.)

I've googled, but haven't found anything that helps. Any
suggestions how to get the Midisport to start straight from
boot? It's only a little niggle, but it would help getting
things running a bit more smoothly.

Peter C

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