[linux-audio-user] Digigram VX Pocket firmware help please

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Date: Thursday, April 20, 2006 - 12:03 pm

I recently bought a VX Pocket V2. Great soundcard (on windows) and
finally one with linux drivers for my laptop (which will be great when
it works)
I've been trying various interpretations of the instructions on the ALSA

but still no luck. I'm relatively new to linux and it's been a
crash-course getting this far. But I'm stuck and need some help. I
think maybe the instructions make assumptions about linux knowledge that
I don't have - like how do I turn on module support?
I'm using Demudi - a 2.6 kernel - I've installed the firmware through
but also downloaded the latest stable alsa tools, utils, lib, drivers
and firmware packages as per the instructions. Also had to download gcc
and make and some other things
but it seems like the instructions are incomplete
make install says something about no path specified
./configure doesn't work
make build says the same thing
not sure what to do next.
It said something about a newer kernel
but this shouldn't be necessary
as the linux drivers were working a few years ago.
and I don't want to do an apt-get dist-upgrade
because when I tried that nothing worked at all.
anyway thanks in advance



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