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Date: Thursday, April 20, 2006 - 10:44 am

>1) what is the cheapest way to travel inside europe?

cheapest >tickets?

hitchhiking is always an adventure,
that can be fun, and fast too,
but you need to stay on the highway,
always ask for stop in a gas Station and rest area on
the highway, if you want to catch another car to go
never go out of the highway and stop inside a city
where you don't want to go (just because the funny guy
who drive you, go into this city, and he think that's
better for you ... never listen to them, they never
practice hichhiking ...),
don't take the small way if you are hurry, there is
nobody and they drive slow ...
if you think that showing your beautiful thumb is the
good way, you'll wait and wait ...
if you ask to the people when they stop for any
and if you don't forget to smile to them (don't forget
social enginering ! :) ),
then you'll be fast like speedy gonzales !!!
don't forget to look at the people if you can trust
them, yes there is risk everywhere ...
you can get cheap fly or train by the web,
this site is in several language for the french train
and fly :
but the good opportunities are writed in french ...
for the cheap sleep,
hostels are expensive, the mini is 20 euro a night for
three persons,
"formule 1" hotel ,
always at the limit of the city,
in may june you can go in a "camping",
that's less expensive, it depend where you are,
in the summer a lot of people sleep illegally in the
parcs in the city,
just be discret, go in when the night come, and go
back when the sun wake up,
if somebody say you something,
just say you are very sorry, you just arrived in the
middle of the night, everything was closed , and you
didn't knew where to go ;-),
I did that many times, and never gone in prison ...
my way is not the most comfortable , sure, but that's
the cheaper, and you can go all around the europe like
that, without any money,
if you have any instrumment, and are able to play in
public, you'll eat for free too ;-)
good luck and enjoy !

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