[linux-audio-user] Web-based collaborative band/musicians app?

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Date: Friday, March 3, 2006 - 10:26 am


I'm looking for a web-based application that supports working on and
discussing of music and pieces within an band. What do I would like to
do with such an app:

- Upload of mp3 takes which has been recorded during rehearsals or
- Click somewhere in a timeline based image (e.g. amplitude/time or
spectrum/time) and the playback starts there.
- Define views on parts of an mp3 recording, because they are
sometimes several hours long and often contain different songs and
lots of talk
- Attach Comments (of different musicians) to certain parts or
timestamps of a recording
- Discuss pieces, eventually with inclusion of some staves (which
should be rendered on the server).
- All editing should be stored in a versioning repository, like most
wikis do.

- It should be usable be musicians who don't have a degree in
information sciences and who don't want to spent to much time with
the platform itself. Perhaps something like a wiki for musicians.
- Hardware requisites on the user side should not be more than be a web
browser (graphics based) and a mp3 playing app that is capable to
play back streams.

What I'm _not_ looking for:

- Something like Ardour with a web frontend (ok, it wouldn't be a show
stopper if it's features were available as well).

So, before starting to write something like that on my own from scratch
I would like to know, if there is some similar project out there in the
world that needs some contribution instead and that would be usable in
the short term.

Thanks for reading,



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