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To: <linux-audio-user@...>
Date: Friday, March 24, 2006 - 10:50 pm

On Fri, 2006-03-24 at 22:34 +0000, wrote:

comes with two.
f popularity to sustain the distribution model..a few gigs of SXSW trailers=
, pirated movies, DVD ISO's or what not
dSub patches, asound.conf's), something like eMule works much better. i thi=
nk we probably want something like that, only more minimal, and without all=
the warez. i think there should be a requirement for the network, Public D=
omain, CC, GPL/BSD/MIT licensed content only, or at least make it glaringly=
obvious if it isnt.
istributed akamai..
tage anyway. what about freenet, anyone used that?
orking, user-submitted revisions etc..then point to the actual content on f=
reenet or coral (unless that rumour about paul's 1.8 TB of disk space and b=
andwidth just sitting idle is true..)

There's another option, part of the GNU project:
I don't know about other distros, but it is in debian for sure, adding
to convenience.

I've never heard of Coral or The Circle before. And Freenet.. I looked
at it before, and it seems kinda complex just to share some
music-related files.

I think that whatever we choose, it should be easy for most users to get
it installed. There are a lot of people who just want to use their PC
and the applications there, and don't want to have to download seven
libraries and compile everything from souce. Maybe no one on this list
minds, but we would really limit the possibilites to restrict it to just
us. Just my 2 cents..

If I had the bandwidth and disk space (or money to fund it), I'd prefer
a website for all this stuff, including hosting of the files. It'd be a
lot more convenient - if James is offline, and he is the only one who is
still sharing MetallicDrumBeats.tar.bz2 which I wanna get, then I'm out
of luck. If it's on a website, then yay, I can download it.

Hmm, what about a page at SourceForge? I don't know if they have limits
on something like this, but I remember seeing something on SF that was
not an application, but a website for free stuff. I can't remember
exactly what it was, but it might be possible that they would host it


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