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Date: Monday, February 27, 2006 - 12:05 am

>Because no converter can reach even the 24bit resolution. In fact the best

>resolution you can reach is about 21 bits and the rest three bit contains

I did not know that - but am not really surprised.

>There are not any true 24bit a/d converters yet.

Well thank you for a scientific explanation of this ceiling.
I guess, then, that *real* 24-bit resolution, or something very close to
it, would yield what I am looking for - if it can be achieved.

>Recording is about creating illusions, not fidelity. If you record an

I agree with this to a certain extent, but the quality of the effects - or
the final signal after the effects are added, is affected by the fidelity
of the original signal.
There is a huge difference in our guitar sound put through an 8-bit Zoom
processer, an 18-bit Alesis Q2, a 20-bit Alesis Q20, and a Behringer
"24"-bit V-Verb.
I think it is about both - using a high-fidelity acoustic signal blended
with creative, high-quality effects to create a beautiful auditory

>Bullshit. If you can hear the difference between a 20 bit converter

And you can prove this?
I would assume, that if "24-bit" converters are really only 20-21 bits,
then a so-called "20-bit" converter is likely <<20 bit.
I maintain that I *can* hear bit-depth difference.
Are you perhaps suggesting that there exists some bit-depth threshold w/re
to human hearing?
What do you base your comment on?

>Even 16 bits correctly dithered is better than 24 tracks on a 2 inch tape.

Again, what do you base this on?
Recording what?

"Correctly dithered" - and you would maintain that there is some objective
standard as to what constitutes this?
I can hear the distortion of the audio signal created by dithering, just as
I can hear the distortion of the audio signal created by Dolby - and I
don't like it.

If you think existing digital technology can already match or exceed the
audio fidelity of a 24-track reel-to-reel recorder, I would very much like
to know what it is, and where it is available - and I would like to hear


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