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Date: Sunday, February 26, 2006 - 8:18 pm

Bristol Audio has been re-released, version 0.9.1 and is available on


Bristol emulates several synthesisers and organs:

Moog Mini
Moog Voyager
Yamaha DX-7
Roland Juno 6
Rhodes Stage-73
Hammond B3
Vox Continental
Sequential Circuits Prophet-5/52
Sequential Circuits Prophet-10
Oberheim OBX

Another Oberheim (OBX-a) and a mixer are under development. The application
emulates the synthesiser algorithms of the original instruments and gives a
representation of their layout. It is currently standalone but work is
underway for Jack integration. All emulations can be played simultaneously
by the multitimbral engine and can be driven from a midi keyboard or ALSA
midi sequencer.

Bugs and feature requests to the author or via sourceforge.

There are known issues with the Oberheims so mileage may vary. There are
known issues with note off in layered emulations on a single midi channel.
The mixer only implements the graphical user interface, there is no engine
algorithm behind it and it can best be started with the '-libtest' option.

Nick Copeland

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