[linux-audio-user] favorite window Manager for making music?

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Date: Sunday, February 19, 2006 - 8:03 pm

So you guys helped me pick a distro, and i'm pretty
happy with it. Lets here the verdicts, what window
manager? Gnome 2.12 is what i've been using, but it
isn't the most stable. Sometimes i can't logout and i
have to switch to a vt and kill it. The absence of
easily configurable menus has me sticking all my music
apps in a "drawer," where those without icons apear as
big feet that must be mouse-overed until i get
tool-tipped to even know that program it is. I could
work around/live with it but then i resized one day
with ++- to read some fine print and all o'
the sudden the horizontal refresh was busted like an
old television. the whole screen was cycling to the
left at a dizying pace and my muse cursor disapeared.
Even after killing X and restarting this nonsence was
still going on and i hate having to reboot my machine.
So now i'm playing with e16... before i invest in
realy figuring out how to use it, what do any of you
using a jack studio setup with like MusE and Ardor and
the like prefer?


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