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To: <linux-audio-user@...>
Date: Wednesday, February 15, 2006 - 1:01 am

Hello list!

I was hoping to install ardour on one of my FC4 machines. I haven't
been using this
machine for realtime audio so I am running the FC4 vanilla kernel so
that the livna.org's
ati-graphics and the ndiswrapper kernel modules will work. I want to
investigate using
the CCRMA packages though. I have questions:

(1)Can CCRMA be accessed through yum instead of apt?
If I knew where the rmps lived (and if they are signed with a gpg key
where that is too)
then I think could get yum to work nicely with CCRMA.

(2)If I used the lsm patched CCRMA kernel (the CCRMA kernel is
lsm-module patched so that
I can allow realtime priorities to a gid, right?) will this kernel work
with the livna
kernel modules?
If not I guess I can custom build the modules using rpmbuild. I have
done that in the
past, and it is inconvienent but I can do it if need be.

Thanks all!

PS: I am trying to stay in the bay area but I am having trouble finding
work. If anyone
needs a lab-rat/art-geek please let me know!

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