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Date: Saturday, December 23, 2006 - 4:36 pm

Gabriel Brachtel writes:

The accessibility approach now being codified in Free Standards Group
(FSG) accessibility standards treats these objects abstractly as objects
with properties that might be exposed in numerous ways--some of which
would be nonvisual ways. That's the basis of the AT-SPI & ATK
technologies developed for Gnome 2.X and now adopted by KDE (beginning
with QT 4.2).

We have already seen these accessibility enhancements to computing
provide benefit in non-accessibility contexts. Several automated testing
tools rely heavily on this architecture to pinpoint problems. Indeed,
today's Red Hat and Suse releases, if they are less error prone, owe
their mrobustness to the ability of AT-SPI to expose problems. It seems
to me one needn't be a blind musician to find benefit in this more
generic approach either. Seems to me this might prove a readily
available mechanism for 21-Century organ-type pistons, various foot or
hand driven actuators, or even event driven actuators. That's just one
example, imho.

> >

Well, yes, but that doesn't necessarily result in smarter use or smarter
navigation of the neighborhood. If you ever get lost in some unfamiliar
city, ask a blind person how to get somewhere. You're likely to get
superior directions. If sighted people are so good at navigation, why is
the GPS navigational aid business such a success?


> >


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