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Date: Friday, December 15, 2006 - 4:54 pm

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Ivica Ico Bukvic wrote:

I'm not sure if we can easily "copy" all of the content into wikipedia..
and IMHO that's exactly the point: wikipedia will learn about [linux]
audio software by other means and present it as an encyclopedia entry.
(eg. )

I don't think wikipedia will provide a flexible interface for indexing
and browsing sound applications.. but I'll support any endeavors.

>> And the question then is, will wikipedia allow us to create all

i could not have said it better! cheers Ivica.

> For the aforesaid reasons, I feel that a wikipedia page in conjunction to

I'd like to see the current (3?) wiki approaches to be improved and
merged into or

and going to continue the discussion in the wiki thread..


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