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Date: Wednesday, October 11, 2006 - 9:09 am

On Wed, Oct 11, 2006 at 10:52:20AM +0200, Thorsten Wilms wrote:

The piano, if not run through a compressor, can go from almost silent on
a single note or two to digital distortion with a full chord with bass
notes so quickly and easily that I usually am fairly conservative with
the sound card volume settings. The Delta 1010 is so silent that it has
not worried me much (normalizing later). :-)

> >

I hope that Creative Commons licenses become very standard, widespread
and well-used.

> The piano is great. The percussion is not stiff, which is good, but it

I was so tired by the time I recorded the piano that I actually played
the piano the sloppiest. :-) The percussion is loose--like you say,
probably *too* loose, but I just wanted it not to sound too mechanical,
because after all, it's just my fingers playing a piano keyboard with a
percussion kit making the sounds. The bongo is a little loud. I was
influenced by a recording I just got of Ahmad Jamal (piano, with
drummer, bass player and guitarist). The guitarist I believe played the
bongos on some of the pieces and I really liked it, so of course I
overdid it. :-)

It's a work in progress. Thank you very much Thorsten for your comments.
I'll try to whip the percussion track into shape (and be more awake for
the piano part after a good night's sleep--it's 3:00 a.m. where I live
in New Mexico US).

Forget and forgive. This is not difficult when properly
understood. It means forget inconvenient duties, then forgive
yourself for forgetting. By rigid practice and stern
determination, it comes easy. -Mark Twain

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