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Date: Saturday, January 14, 2006 - 7:59 pm

On Friday 13 January 2006 10:40, linux-audio-user-request@music.columbia.edu

I have the line about OSS in .wine/config uncommented. MIDI ALSA ports work
fine through their OSS emulation.

I have, if I remember, had mixed success with ALSA directly with different
WINE version working, others not.

I never had it work using Jack.

> I have read some reports of people using Band-in-a-Box and Jammer with

Jammer will crash with newer wine versions. Previous versions had the program
come up and play. The style loading dialogs were usable but did not display
or work correctly.

Other apps:
XGEdit -- operates. Its rightmost column of buttons (sound program selection)
does not appear at all.
Tabledit -- works 100%
Abcmus -- works 100% . There is a wealth of music around in abc format which
is good old 7-bit ascii and was once the mainstay of unix music coding.
Tabledit will import abc files as well.
Tracktion -- come up, samples all the VSTs, displays but does not play. Its
child-dialogs do not appear but function control/F4 "closes" them. This one
is tantalizing close but so far!
Cakewalk -- heard tell old version once worked in WINE. New ones will not.

Most MIDI programs that worked or almost worked on older WINEs will crash now.
Their custom controls are usually the problem.

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