[linux-audio-user] Optimal SuSE 9.3 audio setup

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Date: Thursday, August 4, 2005 - 4:31 pm

For anyone that has a solid audio setup on SuSE 9.3 professional...
please let me know if there's any nessesary steps to take to get things
running properly. In prior versions of SuSE they ran 2.4 kernels, and
everything ran great right out of the box. I haven't gotten to the point
were I can try recording yet, but I thought I would get the scoop from
anyone that has an optimal running audio setup. Please point me to any
docs if there is any patching or recompiling to do because I'm
inexperienced on both points.

I would assume the two main things is making sure everything is set up
for low latency recording and being able to run programs "realtime". Did
I miss anything? Do I still need to make programs suid root to be able
to run realtime?

Right now I've created Redhat 9 boot disks and will be installing Planet
CCRMA. But I'd rather go with SuSE if it's possible to get audio set up
for optimum use. It's just that Redhat 9 has been discontinued, and I
get the impression Redhat isn't as "complete" as SuSE anyways (the
install disk couldn't even reconize my monitor). I'm trying to have
*one* setup that is (both) my "general" computer setup (and) my digital
audio workstation at the same time. And since SuSE is such a "complete"
distrob, I'd prefer to go with it. But if it's just too much to get
audio set up for optimum audio use, then I may have to do a duel boot
situation with SuSE/Planet.


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