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Date: Monday, June 13, 2005 - 11:32 pm

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Hey, I just got done building a new audio box using a dual Opteron MB --
GIGABYTE GA-7A8DW. I've only got one CPU in it. Got a 1G RAM. I'm using a
Matrox G450 video card running dual monitors. I installed Gentoo's AMD64
port. I used their universal install CD. Running off of that during the
install (this was a first for me with Gentoo) I did have the system lock up
several times. I rebooted from the install CD and picked up where I'd left
off. I was afraid maybe there was something wrong with my CPU, but since I've
compiled my own kernel and have it running I haven't had it lock up. I did
have one point where a certain program seg faulted but after a reboot it never
did it again.
I've been very pleased with the system. I'm using an RME HDSP Multiface for
audio. As far as noise -- I have the CPU outside the studio so no issue
there. I've had a couple of oddities with certain programs running in 64 bit
mode, but nothing that makes them unusable. I need more time to really put
the system to the test, but at this point I would recommend it. Our work is
primarily with ardour. Make sure what ever software you normally use is not
masked for AMD64. If it is, be prepared for an adventure. :)
I'd be glad to try to answer any questions you may have. Good luck!



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