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Date: Thursday, May 19, 2005 - 1:20 am

Hi, I recently experienced the Great Hard Disk Crash of 2005, and am starting
again with Suse 9.2.

I see it has most of the great audio apps included, but of course some of
these apps are probably out of date.

My immediate problem seems to be that MIDI isn't working; If I run the test
MIDI patch in pd, for example, nothing happens with either MIDI input or
output, using the MIDI port on my Soundblaster PCI 512 card.

Also, when running rosegarden, I hear nothing when I press the test tone
button on the GUI for the fluidsynth DSSI.

I do see that the /dev/midi* devices are there.

I haven't yet updated the kernel or installed the realtime_lsm module,
although I suppose this should have nothing to do with whether MIDI works.

For the time being, I'm starting jackd as root, and running rosegarden and pd
as root, using sux.

If someone can suggest a place to start troubleshooting, it would be most

Thanks in advance!

Larry Troxler

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