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Date: Monday, May 16, 2005 - 1:03 am

> Linux Journal has published my little article about seq24 :
> http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/8304
> In case anyone's interested...

Thanks Dave. This article was the difference between me actually using
seq24 or not. I knew it was a good program, but couldn't figure out how
to set up patterns to play one at a time in the Performance Editor. I
don't think it says it in the "SEQ24" file and I gave up trying
(thinking it couldn't be done). And that one missing item was enough to
make me not use the program. I'm glad you filled in the blanks because I
really want to give this a chance because of it's simple, unbloated
approach. It (seems) to have what I need. When I get the chance, I'm
going to try syncing it up to ecasound via jack transport. This was what
I was planning all along but coudn't figure out the Performance Editor
until your article. I'll be using specimen as the sampler because (just
like ecasound and seq24) it's also unbloated and works well. I guess
this will be my approach... stable progams that all do specific tasks...
connected and running together (although ecasound does an incredible
amout of things and is deceivingly versitile... and yet is very stable
and excellent for multitrack recording).

btw... I listened to one of the peices you created with seq24... I liked
it... it had an interesting sound.


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