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Date: Monday, March 21, 2005 - 11:58 pm

(de-lurk mode)

Hi all,

I keep getting an error when starting Audacity. It reads "There was an
error initialising the audio i/o layer. You will not be able to play

It then starts & works, apart from not being able to play what it is

The strange thing is that it worked fine the first time I used it (I
recently "rested" Debian in order to try Ubuntu, so it's a new
installation). Every time since then, it has shown this error.

Everything else seems to be working fine on the audio front: XMMS is
happy, MIDI is working, even Audacity is functioning, but I have to play
files saved in Audacity via XMMS.

Is there something silly that I've missed? I can't work out why it would
play audio once & then not subsequently.

Any help appreciated.



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