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Date: Monday, March 21, 2005 - 12:41 pm

tim hall wrote:

"One of the problems with the hammond is that you would need a separate
for each key, to get the proper vibrato of each tone-wheel and a good
is hard to fake. I'm not saying it's utterly impossible, but it would
take a
sample bank as finely engineered as the original instrument. And no,
never heard the hammond transfered to CD without losing some of its
although the tone of a real instrument generally does shine through."

More like a seperate sample for each tonewheel. The mixing can be done
afterwards, otherwise you would need to sample every drawbar position as
I've got an l122 valve tonewheel hammond and two leslies, a leslie valve
one and a transistor sharma.
I have to say that pretty much any keyboard can do a pretty good hammond
simulation if you put it through a real leslie. One of my faves is a
dx7. You can get a decent click and drawbar effect using the oscs.

You gotta give beatrix a go. It's the nicest hammond on Linux IMHO. The
leslie sounds great, and it can go really heavy and distorted if you
like that kind of thing.

It's also really worth playing with the LADSPA swh impulse convolver
plugin. Guitar amps sound really good on hammond! Also the TAP preamps
are nice. A bit of fuzz and grit+limited freqency range and odd
resonances really brings it to life.
The one thing no midi hammond can ever do is the way different tones
come in at different times as you press down the key. This means you can
kinda flick the keys and just get the top drawbar to plip a little and
the percussion to ping.

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