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Date: Friday, December 9, 2005 - 6:41 pm

On Fri, 09 Dec 2005 13:26:39 -0500
Dave Phillips wrote:

> I'm still on the lookout for a good preamp. I'm considering an M-Audio

I was always very pleased with the preamps in the M-Audio Omni back when I
had the Delta 66.

I'm saving up to get a RNP (Really Nice Preamp) from FMR Audio. I'd
have had it already, but I got sidetracked by this l'il number: (It was
$100 off at Banjo Center recently.) It's worked flawlessly with Linux
so far, mounting as a USB drive and allowing easy file transfers. I take
it on its first outing for a field recording tonight.

Joe Hartley - UNIX/network Consultant -
Without deviation from the norm, "progress" is not possible. - FZappa

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