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Date: Thursday, December 8, 2005 - 3:01 pm

(I potsed this to the Hydrogen forum but wanted to get opinions here also)

I have an elaborate setup for scoring and recording symphonic and
semi-symphonic rock music (along the lines of Therion, eRa, Enigma,
etc). I am using Rosegarden for the main sequencing, Ardour for
recording, a second machine (running Windows) for some virtual
instruments controlled via MIDI... and Hydrogen.

What I had been doing in the past is scoring the drum parts directly in
Rosegarden, but this is awkward, and matching up the MIDI notes to
Hydrogen instruments is also a pain.

What I'd like to do is compose the entire drum part in Hydrogen (even if
this means empty measures) and have the drum song triggered
automatically and play back in synch with the other instruments. Will I
be able to keep accurate synchronization with the Jack transport between
Rosegarden and Hydrogen in this manner (and ultimately, with Ardour,
since that is where I am recording)? I have had excellent results
synching between Ardour and Rosegarden, especially with multiple parts
and doing punch ins at different sections of the piece.

-- Brett

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