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Date: Wednesday, December 21, 2005 - 2:50 pm

I. I. Ooisen wrote:

>>However, I recognize that I am not like most musicians. Since no

No, it's a very powerful way of working with a computer. As Emiliano
noted, there are certain tasks that are best suited to a GUI and others
that are best served from the command prompt. I will agree that many
(most?) musical tasks are best served by the GUI approach. However, as a
professional writer I wouldn't give up vi, sed, and awk for any POS word

However, the "command-line is better" argument is not one that gets made
so often anymore when it comes to Linux sound and music applications.
With the exceptions of the ALSA utilities, ecasound, and SoX, I'm not
sure what CLI soundapps are in common use. Every notable Linux soundapp
is a full-bore GUI-laden application these days. GUI front-ends are
available even for ecasound and SoX.

I believe the primary reasons more musicians don't use Linux have to do
with at least these conditions:

1. The perpetuation of outmoded perceptions re: usability and interfaces.
2. The lack of wide hardware manufacturer support.
3. The reticence of the major music journals to cover the growing
Linux audio scene.
4. The lack of serious attention given Linux audio from within the
larger Linux community itself.
5. No-one has released a hit created with Linux audio tools.

Point 4 is particularly irritating. See the email traffic on the LAD
list regarding the WINE team's misperception of JACK and subsequent
no-starter attitude towards integrating better JACK support. I believe
that developers of browsers and other commonly used software have a
tendency to ignore audio issues wrt their programs. Overall, there's too
little cooperation and shared understanding between the audio community
and other development domains (video, browser sound support, emulation
systems, etc.)

The second point is certainly a show-stopper for folks arriving from
Win/Mac systems who discover their hardware is not now supported and
likely never will be supported under Linux. They won't care that the
situation is due to the manufacturers, they'll just turn away from
having to make an apparently needless investment. Alas, I've seen very
little indication that the situation is going to change soon.

>what we need, though, is much higher level full-featured and specialized

Perhaps you should look into the latest development in Csound5, Common
Music, and Pd ?



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