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To: A list for linux audio users <linux-audio-user@...>
Date: Wednesday, December 21, 2005 - 2:43 pm

On Wednesday 21 December 2005 15:35, Brett McCoy wrote:

very nice to hear that... haven't tried the latest version yet.

> Couldn't print since it required some external program

apt-get install abcsomethingorother

modularity (specialized tools, dependency hell/heaven) is what gnu/linux
is all about, discouraging idiotic code duplication.

i hate any app which has it's own sound system or printing system
(unless it is specialized on that). they lose time working hard on
trying to get their "unique" sound system work (or printing, or
windowing, or etc.), which reduces quality and quantity of the
specialized code their tool must include.

> and I was able to import some MIDI (an old

i don't like how noteedit imports *any* midi at all. i just hope the
latest version does it better. (rosegarden has the same problem, but at
least it won't crash on larger midi files import.)

> MIDI I created with Rosegarden2 many years ago imported perfectly and

simply use ALT + e, a (edit / autobar)

by the way...

i hated it when finale was not allowing me to input anything, because it
was forcing me to respect its concept of measuring... i generally avoid
restrictive "autocorrection" "features", especially when they are based
on an "automatic replacement" concept and/or when they make me feel
contrained at every move.

i prefer to be notified of the error rather than get the feeling i
can't... live, act... you know that feeling of your hands being tied
tightly... and i couldn't find any way to disable that "feature"...
(right, i don't remember finale ever having been intuitive, but at that
time it was actually lacking that option -- maybe even now (i haven't
used it for a long time)).

[i am aware my finale comment above is mostly off-topic]

> A larger MIDI file locked up the application

yes, it happens to me, too.

> I'll play around with it some more, it will be useful for playing

right. rosegarden rulez. it is a sequencer, after all. noteedit is a
score editor (although some could use it as a minimal sequencer...)
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