Re: [linux-audio-user] FOLKS, PAY ATTENTION TO NOTEEDIT, the score editor!

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From: Rob <lau@...>
To: <linux-audio-user@...>
Date: Tuesday, December 20, 2005 - 7:34 pm

On Mon December 19 2005 22:43, I. I. Ooisen wrote:

I have been using Linux since 1994. Sometimes, I like "combos"
very much. Not in the case of, for example, email/todo
list/calendar, nor web browser/email/news reader/IRC client, but
I'm pretty happy, for example, that k3b will burn audio, data
and video CD's and DVD's, and I'm very happy that Rosegarden
will deal with MIDI, digital audio and scoring.

Wish it also had a "mod file" type of interface so that I could
define patterns of music and incorporate them into my
compositions by reference rather than a ton of copying and
pasting every time I make one change to a drum line, and wish I
could change the durations of notes in bulk like I could with
the lousy Voyetra software rather than one note at a time, but
my C++-fu is not strong enough to do it myself and that's
probably for another thread anyway.

> if you know noteworthy composer (for windows), then you almost

I don't think I've ever seen Noteworthy Composer. The program I
used under Windows was DOP (Digital Orchestrator Pro, if I
remember right.) It was the first low-end MIDI + digital audio
app (by "low end" I mean 16-bit only and $150 in 1996) but was
still more powerful MIDIwise than Rosegarden, except that its
scoring was completely pathetic. Like I said in an earlier
post, composing and arranging is the highest priority for me,
not seeing my stuff in 18th-century format.

I'm glad you like NoteEdit and have decided to promote it. But
not every composer works the way Brahms and Beethoven did
anymore, especially those composing rock or electronic music.


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