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Date: Friday, October 21, 2005 - 9:48 pm

On 10/21/05, Lee Revell wrote:

In case some folks don't know this stuff iec61883 is part of the 1394
stack. Why would it go into Jack CVS?

My rudimentary understanding (from a good awful number of years
working on 1394 OHCI Link and Phy chips - not software) is that
iec61883 is an encapsulation process that places timing info and data
packets into a larger chunk of data most commonly moved across, but
not limited to, the 1394 bus. 61883 is a really basic way to get MPEG
data broken apart and put back together so that you can move movies
across 1394.

NOTE: There are multiple parts, 6 or 7 now, to iec61883. I'm not sure
which ones Linux-1394 is supporting.

>From a cursory reading of the Freebob list I have not heard of any
special versions of Jack required to run it, but I frankly haven't
paid a huge amount of attention to it. Does anyone know?

I do agree that this question belongs there. They seem to respond
pretty quickly to questions like this.

- Mark

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