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Date: Monday, August 30, 2004 - 6:44 pm

Alexander Franca schrieb:

This is a topic that concerns me, too.

First about ATRAC and MP3:
I don´t know who invented ATRAC data reduction proceeding on MD.
But it is another than mp3. So you need a conversion software for that.
Sony gives you for that procedure a software called OpenMG JukeBox.
It changes the mp3 format to ATRAC and lets You check in and out tracks
from your computer to your MD walkman and only back to your computer.
Other tracks that you have recorded on a minidisk the software
recognizes but you cannot "check in" to your pc.
This has to do with the registration code of Win XP and other versions
of the other os I suggest.
The software recognizes tracks that you got from other pc´s via USB and
does not let you copy on any other system.

Sony puts the Net MD player together with an USB 2.0 adapter cable and
also with an optical cable for optical line input.

Sorry but I don´t know if your specific MD Walkman is bundled with this
because I didn´t follow your link.
I suggest it is so.

I don´t know MD Walkmen of other brands, not so much about technology or
whether other brands support technology copying your own files from and
to pc, but this is what I know.

My brother has got another Net MD Walkman from Sony using it for work as
a professional music therapist.
He records his work onto MiniDisk to do some rehearsal after his sessions.

He wants to backup his work, means copy to a pc to get mp3s out of it.
He is not due to pc, winblows... so as I do but he doesn´t want to copy
his tracks via sampling the whole thing twice in real time (first when
he recorded it and then home sampling with a pc.
This is also not easy because he sets track marks on rehearsal and he
wants the mp3s to be the same. That means half an hour of music with I
suggest up to 30 track marks.

Any recomendation about a technique that supports reading out tracks
from ATRAC in linux / winblows not in real time with saving tracks "as
is" maybe through usb or reading from a professional MD recorder digital
spdif input maybe with double speed and resampling...

Thanks for any note

Marius Janssen

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