Re: [linux-audio-user] Fresh PC waiting for basic installation - Advice?

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To: A list for linux audio users <linux-audio-user@...>
Date: Friday, July 2, 2004 - 11:05 am

Last Friday 02 July 2004 09:41, Alejandro Lopez was like:

Rosegarden4 or MusE

> -Multitracker / sampler, the "loop" kind (reads waves from disk in real

Multitrack recorders - Ecasound or Ardour
Perhaps you actually want a tracker such as SoundTracker here. (there's plenty
to choose from).

> -Soundfont enabled realtime synth

Other recommends here: ZynAddSubFX, for when you want something that sounds
nice. Hydrogen, for drums.

> -Basic effects for the multitracker: simple reverb + simple equalizer

LADSPA (Dunno about 'simple': creox? ecamegapedal?)

> -Audio editor hopefully with advanced features such as quantizer (handy for

Quantiser in MIDI editor, never seen one in what I would call an 'Audio'
editor' Note tuning (?) hmm?

> What would you try if you were me? (Unseccessfully tried to install Planet

AGNULA/DeMuDi-1.2.0 or PlanetCCRMA

The latest version of DeMuDi installs in under an hour. You have to be
prepared to spend a certain amount of time figuring things out for yourself,
but this approach involves the minimum brain strain.


tim hall

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