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Date: Tuesday, July 13, 2004 - 8:11 pm

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Don't get too serious about it... I just tossed that out as an example. It's probably a bad one. It "is" simply for the sake of discussion. I'm not sugggesting that there's anything evil afoot.

Why do other programs need to "catch up" with a program that's designed to enable them?

> > } I realize the Lego analogy is a little broken.

:} Trickle down software economics.

In this case I think it has some basis in fact:

"Sgi has a fairly large corporate structure in place... they devlop software. They have the means to make software that is "Sgi-like" {for lack of a better word.} If they give you their software {which is a unique product of their capabilities, market and experiences.} and you give them yours in return... everyone benefits."

You use their tools to make a buck... you benefit.

You both benefit at different levels.

> > To me... the variety of choices available on linux is much more important than

I'm thinking that both flash and pdf are pretty nice additions to linux. I don't think the changes can help but be "freed" occasionally. {Regardless of license.}

Maybe we need to specify what we mean by "open source".

> > } the whole thing tick and even worth using at all (ignoring the wonderful

Because you made that choice?

> > } shareware developers, frankly I think they'd have a better time writing

I had the impression they have nothing to do with each other

> So, yes, from a business perspective, shareware developers for Linux

:} Tim's message was first in the queue. I answered this there.

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