[linux-audio-user] How to configure a Terratec EWS 64 XL under SuSE Linux 9.1

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Date: Sunday, May 16, 2004 - 2:55 pm

Hello to all !

I am very new to Linux and to harddisc recording and MIDI so I need a=20
little help if it is possible.
My question is quite simple but I do not exactly know what to do with my=20
musical computer. It is a poor old P II 266 MHz based machine with a=20
Terratec EWS 64 XL (the old Dream chip) and a Waldorf Microwave PC card=20
on it.
I don=B4t want to use the blue screen based software system and so I still=
have to configure Linux drivers for this hardware.
I do not really know in which line of yast (special SuSE installation=20
module) I have to put my specifications about I/O addresses, IRQ and so=20
What software and settings in general should I have to use my card ?
I want to fill this 64 mb of space with a lovely grand piano etc...
Where can I get sounds for this old thing?
Can you give me tips what to do? Any comments are welcome!!!
Thank you, Marius

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