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Date: Saturday, February 28, 2004 - 12:07 am wrote:

Hey, good (all around) recording... Just one question... When you say
"Recorded with Audacity by me, mixed with Ardour and mastered with
Jamin", are you saying that you recorded the actual tracks in some
program/hardware (other) than Ardour and just used Ardour to mix them?

I'm hoping this was a "linux only" recording. It's something that you
can be proud of as far as show people what one can do with a linux audio

I also like the "musical content". In other words, good song... Just one
comment about the mix... I was surprised at the (one) female vocal that
was panned "hard right" (all the way to the right). Because the rest of
the mix is pretty good.

It's good the hear a natural sounding recording with live sounding
instruments (as opposed to my approach of relying on soft synths).

I've been writing this while listing (to save time). But now I realize
I'm going to keep listing...


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