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Date: Friday, February 27, 2004 - 6:56 pm

Kent, Gary hat gesagt: // Kent, Gary wrote:

> When you say supported as a USB-device does that mean that

I don't have the device, but as you own one, it would be worth a try
to see, what "modprobe snd-usb-audio" will bring to the light of day.
USB audio is more or less standardized, so many devices just work out
of the box, if they follow the standard. For example, i just today got
my Evolution UC-33 USB control surface. Installation was plug and play
par excellence. It is even much simpler than on Windows, according to
the instructions in the manual which goes something like this:

* DON'T plug in the device yet!
* first insert driver CD!
* run win2Kdriverpatch.exe befor connecting!
* still no connect, please!
* Don't install the W2k standard drivers
* open Device manager
* Select "Driver", click update driver!
* more instructions...
* even more instructions...
* Reboot computer

In total, installing the UC-33 on W2000 requires 20 steps!!!

No tell me, what is easier, that or this: "apt-get install hotplug
alsa-modules" without downtime.

> I understand your concern for wanting the source itself instead of a

RME and M-Audio just supply specifications and documentation, AFAIK.
The ALSA drivers were written by free software developers like Paul
Davis, who did a lot of work on RME cards. The source to their windows
or mac drivers isn't available.

I didn't want to discourage your writing at all. Of course, it would
be wonderful, if hardware manufactures would directly support Linux on
their driver CDs, and remembering them of our needs as customers is
very important. But then personally I would like to have the source
code as well. I'm insatiable. ;)

Frank Barknecht _ ______footils.org__

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