[linux-audio-user] midi issue and Event EZBus letter

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Date: Friday, February 27, 2004 - 6:15 pm

When you say supported as a USB-device does that mean that
essentially my Linux box will recognize it as a device which allows me
to use it as a recording device into Ardour or Muse or Audacity (in this
case allowing 2 channels of recording) just as I would in my Mac, but
just bypassing all of the Event provided interface software such as the
Mix Librarian and templates that are issued for Win/Mac users?

I understand your concern for wanting the source itself instead of a
version done by the manufacturer. I guess I was just eager about an
Event driver since when I see the RME products that work well with Linux
I assumed that this is how RME was issuing their drivers, namely, from
within their organization. Does RME or M-Audio give their code to Linux

Thanks for the reply,

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