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To: A list for linux audio users <linux-audio-user@...>
Date: Tuesday, December 7, 2004 - 1:47 am

> So - do you use noteedit? :)

yes, yes i do, although i am spending more time reediting more complex
tasks in lilypond.. i echo the sentiments about this program being nice
and would love to see development continue.. i know that there are bulky
gui packages like rosegarden or muse around, but for someone that just
needs to get ideas from paper to screen and back again on a crusty old pc,
i'll take the faster/lighter option. i think choice is a great virtue of
libre software, and i will always prefer using a wide range of softwares
efficiently over an all-in-one-beast, but then perhaps i'm just too cash
poor and time rich..

i respect the authors decision to cease production, but it would be great
to see this project get back into full flight.. i really think there's a
lot of room left in this tool for it to become something unique for
composers of all descriptions to work with, it's not attempting to be a
full fledged midi studio, just a lightweight graphical noteeditor that
exports to a multitude of formats.. anyhow, it just requires a few
developers with a bit of time, imagination and inclination to make
something of it and take the load off the authors shoulders (subversion
awaits!).. anyhow it's a great little tool and something we don't have
enough of in linuxland, it would be unfortunate to see it become dormant
and rusty.. okay.. end'o'rant..


oh, and for the count i know a few others in this small town using
noteedit for composition, who would have no desire to peruse LAU,

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